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Private Investigator Thailand is a highly experienced private investigative agency.
The types of corporate investigations we can carry out include criminal, civil, financial, tax, human rights, data protection, security and financial investigations.
Internal investigations are often less thorough and objective. Because of this company employees may be exposed to allegations of conflicts of interest.
For example, investigations in companies can uncover fraud and embezzlement or uncover legitimate business partners. I can even identify employees who have been stolen from the company, to name just a few. This may be the exact type of information that is required by you or your business.
While allegations of misconduct may affect certain companies, segments, or regions, many government agencies require – or should have – information about known or known misconduct.
Another part of Corporate Investigation Bangkok services is that they allow employers to delve into a person’s past and thus help determine whether or not he or she is following the company’s policies and procedures. Professional investigators collect this information, including identifying specific individuals for investigation and more. Each investigation involves several phases, which deal with the depth and nuance of the investigation. This depends on the type of investigation and the level of information available to the employer, as well as the nature and scope of each phase.
Once the company has determined who will oversee and conduct the investigation, the investigative team will draw up an investigation plan that will define the scope of the investigation. This should generally include a list of potentially affected companies, establishments and employees, as well as the jurisdiction that will be at the centre of the investigations. Investigators should inform all parties concerned of the need for an investigation and explain how it is being conducted.
It is also absolutely essential to conduct an investigation in companies so that the evidence collected can be used as evidence in court, if necessary.
More importantly, the context and potential impact of a particular company necessarily determines how an investigation is conducted. In situations where the senior managers of a company have become the target of whistleblower reports or other allegations. Responsibility for conducting an internal investigation cannot be deferred, as the question of who will oversee the investigation and how it will be conducted is very context-based.
The purpose of the investigation and the relationship between lawyer and employer must be disclosed to all parties involved in an investigation. If an internal investigation is important, the company should consider hiring a lawyer with experience in corporate investigations, such as a law firm. Where a company’s auditors insist on an independent review of its internal policies and procedures for conducting investigations, because they have concerns about the potential impact on the financial health of a particular company, or because the investigations concern a significant number of employees and / or employees of other companies within the same company.
If you want to protect your company’s reputation and mitigate financial losses, you should work with a corporate investigation service as a private investigator. Corporate investigative services can help you identify unscrupulous employees and dishonest customers by providing hard evidence that helps you prove a person’s suspected wrongdoing. If you suspect a potential theft, or if you just wanted to make sure you hire honest people, private investigators can use legal surveillance methods and covert evidence to identify suspicious activity. Undercover and in conjunction with the company, the investigator can search for evidence of illegal activities such as money laundering, fraud, bribery and other criminal activities.
An internal investigation can also enable the company to assess the alleged misconduct and to consider whether settlement negotiations should be initiated or damaged. An investigation could support your position that no wrongdoing has occurred. Corporate investigations can be an opportunity for private investigators to carry out an in-depth assessment to enable companies to defend themselves against breached consumer data or against manipulation and exploitation within the corporate framework that potentially damages their credibility.
If the inquiry is conducted in response to a government inquiry, its findings could support a shift to the government. The likelihood of a legal dispute or a separate state investigation usually weighs in favour of opening an internal investigation. A swift and thorough investigation will give the company the chance to move forward with the separate investigation and, in certain circumstances, to convince state regulators that additional investigations are not necessary.
The subsequent restructuring shows that the company expects its employees to adhere to higher standards by complying with laws and company policies. Moreover, by conducting an investigation, the companies are showing that they take the alleged misconduct seriously. Here are some of the potential risks that a poorly conducted investigation can have. While misconduct investigations are inevitable, GC can expect a better outcome if its organization adopts an investigation plan and procedures, is proactive in addressing suspected misconduct, and avoids common pitfalls

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