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Private Investigator Bangkok can uncover all those nasty secrets your loved one is hiding. Find their partner, find out what they have been doing behind your back, find out who they really are.

It’s simple. Hire a Private Investigator in Nakhon Nayok to  find the answers you deserve. Make the right decision and book your free consultation today.

Private Investigation Nakhon Nayok

There are many reasons why a person may need to hire a Private Investigator. Maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you, or perhaps they have stolen money or family belongings. Whatever the reason may be we can get you the information you need. 

Our expert PI team will perform surveillance on the target and report back our findings what ever they may be. We keep it discreet and professional. We have Private Investigator Agents all over Thailand including Nakhon Nayok. They know the local area and are deeply integrated into Thai Society. Hiring a member of our team will give you all the answers you need and the clarity you deserve.

Corporate Investigation Nakhon Nayok

Unsure what it is happening within your business or company? Our specialist team of corporate investigators will perform a full range of services to determine what is happening within a corporation. 

Perhaps employees have been misusing company property and resources, damaged company reputation. Customer information may have been shared to the competition or attacks on systems could have been carried out using your network. 

Whatever the issue is we will perfom a full range of services to find out the truth. Not only do we operate on Bangkok but  we also carry out Corporate Investigation in Nakhon Nayok 

Background Check Nakhon Nayok

People lie for all kinds of reasons. They might be trying to protect a family member or loved one. Maybe they have something in their past that they are not proud of. Possibly they have a criminal record or do not have the required licenses and qualifications for a job.

It is always a good idea to perform a background check on new employees or a loved one if you are planning to get married. It may seem bad but it is always best to know and to protect yourself from unknown circumstances that could harm you in future. 

Our Private Investigator team will perform a thorough background check on who ever you need. If there is something strange or out of the ordinary we will find it for you. 

Locate People Nakhon Nayok

Unfortunately people still go missing and it can be incredibly difficult to find what happened and where they have gone. Using all the latest techniques and technology we have an edge on the competition when it comes to finding people in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand.

The reasons people go missing varies greatly. Maybe they don’t want to be found. If so why not. Did they steal money, did they hurt someone or commit a serious crime. Maybe they are hiding a secret lover or family. It really does not matterto us as the only thing we care about is locating that person for you.

Other reasons can be much more nefarious. Not all people are good. Some people go missing because they have either been kidnapped or murdered. These cases are much more difficult due to the increased danger posed to our agents. As skilled as we are, we always take precautions to ensure absolute secrecy of what we are doing so that no harm comes to us or our clients. Thailand is a large place with many towns and cities. The target may be located in Nakhon Nayok at a cerrtain date and then move to a new town. That is why we work as fast as we can to provide the most accurate information to you. 

Counter Surveillance Nakhon Nayok

Counter Surveillance is a highly sought after service in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand. There are hundreds of large corporations domestic and foreign that want to make sure that they are not being spied on. This makes perfect sense. You may have a very important meeting coming up soon and want to be 100% sure that the information discussed is not being listened by outside forces.
We perform bug sweeps to uncover listening devices, visual devices and more. Installation of Counter Surveillance software to protect devices from unwarranted attacks. We help you and your organisation to protect what is yours and find out who it was and what they were trying to find.
If you are worried about competitor spying then you need us.

Domestic Investigation Nakhon Nayok

Domestic Investigation can be very difficult for the client. Often the information we uncover is unsettling or causes the client to feel bad about what they have done. But we always reaffirm that if you have a gut feeling about something it is generally best to follow it to what ever the conclusion may be. Many Domestic Investigation cases need legal consulting or advice.
Husbands and Wives in Nakhon Nayok often hire us for domestic investigation because they suspect their spouse of cheating and they need proof for an upcoming divorce. There is also the possibility of us finding out more information. Such as how has a child been treated in the relationship, has abuse occurred or assets hidden.
Maybe one or more members has been lying about everything and no one knew. Perhaps a marriage was null or certificates were originally created wrong. What ever the reason may be Private Investigation Bangkok can find the answers you need today.

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Private Investigator Bangkok is here for when you need to know the truth. About someone or something in Thailand. Not only in Bangkok but across the Entire Kingdom. Need something done on your behalf, we can do that. Civil documents or any kind of advice about anything, we can help. Don’t hesitate to get in contact today. Private Investigator Bangkok is here to help.

About Private Investigator Bangkok

Private Investigator Bangkok is a premier private investigator service in Thailand.
We work hard to give the best possible service for all our clients. Our staff are fully trained and licensed Private Investigation professionals. The level of experience that we provide cannot be matched by other companies.
We operate with a huge network and web of connections that we have built up over the years. By hiring Private Investigators Bangkok you are getting access to this network that reaches deep into every part of Thai Society. The information we receive is always accurate and reliable.
Though we are based in Bangkok, we do not shy away from those that need our help elsewhere. 

Private Investigator Agency in Nakhon Nayok

The kinds of private investigator assignments we accept include:
  • Thai girlfriend investigation
  • Cheating husband investigation in Thailand
  • Investigation of Husband, Son or Friends Thai girlfriend
  • Locate missing person
  • Thai child adoption. Biological parents, origin of family, health issues and more.
  • Find Thai mother or Thai father – get in contact with them
  • Lost contact with Son or Husband in Thailand
  • Lost contact with Thai girlfriend
  • Child abduction by a parent
  • Thai Mystery shopper. Observe your staff when you are not around. How they act around customers without the boss there.
  • Business verification. Check the legitimacy of a business before a final sign off.
  • Others

All our investigations are as discreet as possible. We only share information gathered with you the client. The people or company/ies we investigate are never aware that we are investigating them. Discretion is paramount.

Awward Winning

Nakhon Nayok Private Investigation

Our team of expert Private Investigators are skilled in many different areas of Private Investigation such as Corporate, Insurance, Domestic Investigation and much more. We use the latest and greatest techniques and technology to find the answers you need.

Private Investigation Bangkok

“They caught my boyfriend cheating, verified with pictures of him and his new woman. I was devastated but relieved I knew.” 

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